DigitalOcean announced new droplet plans, doubled the performance power

January 16, 2018, witnesses the new droplet plans launch by DigitalOcean, which almost doubled their compute performance power for the same price it was providing previously. It is more like a gift for application owners. If you compare price-to-performance, you will find that they are the best in market now.

digitalocean new pricing

DigitalOcean announced new pricing to give away more memory, cores and flexibility, these upgrades will give extra power to the app owner to scale their deployments with more performance power in house.

“When we launched the Droplet five years ago, we offered a price point and product to help developers deploy their workloads quickly and easily. Now, we are seeing their projects grow, with many of them using DigitalOcean in a large-scale production environment,” said Shiven Ramji, VP, Product, DigitalOcean. “While the rest of the market has offered complex discounts structured to force growth, we are focused on what our customers want most – a simple and predictable pricing model that enables them to rapidly scale their businesses without overpaying for the resources and flexibility they need.”

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