NetCraftIndia, which helps business with cheap web hosting, opening in Hyderabad

NetCraftIndia a web hosting company, announced their expansion plans to increase their footprint in regional locations of India.

NetCraftIndia confirmed the news of leasing a office space in Hyderabad in Hill Park business zone. The furnishing of their office already in full swing, and most probably before the end of this year, their office in Hyderabad will be operational.

There is also a speculation of a merger of a web services company with NetCraftIndia, and most probably the new expansion plans are related to this acquisition.

Their decision of opening an office in Hyderabad comes after a phenomenal increase in sales leads from this area. This expansion will double the employee strength in total and it might be possible that they are looking for a data center partner in Hyderabad.

The local office will help NetCraftIndia to gain access to the new pool of talented and skilled workforce, recruitment might start before the opening of the new office.

The new office will be used to house sales, support and designing teams, it is expected to be around the clock office and might have 2 to 3 shifts.

Tapan one of the Directors of NetCraftIndia said that:”We are witnessing a phenomenal growth in and around Hyderabad and with our low-cost business services we are very positive to gain new customers in large number.”

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