Google Cloud AutoML, opens AI for every business

Google Cloud AutoMLIn a stand to democratize AI and making it available for everyone, Google Cloud launched Cloud AutoML and made AI available to the largest possible community of developers, researchers, and businesses.

So from now, businesses with limited coding or Machine Learning (ML) expertise can make custom AI image recognition tool just by dragging and dropping elements.

“At Google Cloud, our goal has been to lower the barrier of entry and make AI available to the largest possible community of developers, researchers, and businesses. Our Google Cloud AI team has been making good progress towards this goal,” Jia Li, Head of R&D, Cloud AI and ML, said in a statement late on Wednesday.

Google already had launched Google Clips, which uses MI to decide when is a good time to take a picture or record a clip. Elon Musk, chief executive of Tesla, SpaceX had taken a jab at Google Clip, he wrote at his Twitter handle. “This doesn’t even seem innocent.”

Google Cloud AutoML is using same technology through API, which enables a business to improve their products or services with AI. It will let business develop their own AI models and let them use it.

Li said, “AutoML Vision’ is the result of our close collaboration with the Google Brain and other Google AI teams, and is the first of several Cloud AutoML products in development that aims to make it easier for more businesses to adopt ML.”

According to Google, it has following to offer:

  • Increased accuracy: Cloud AutoML Vision is built on Google’s leading image recognition approaches, including transfer learning and neural architecture search technologies. This means you’ll get a more accurate model even if your business has limited machine learning expertise.
  • Faster turnaround time to production-ready models: With Cloud AutoML, you can create a simple model in minutes to pilot your AI-enabled application, or build out a full, production-ready model in as little as a day.
  • Easy to use: AutoML Vision provides a simple graphical user interface that lets you specify data, then turns that data into a high-quality model customized for your specific needs.


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