Amazon is expanding in Portland, signs lease for a bigger space.

AWS Elemental is showing signs of their expansion plans, and all set to sign a lease agreement for a bigger space in a new building which is just across the street from its current location, which is scheduled to complete within a year.

AWS Elemental confirm the news of leasing a total area of 85000 square feet at under-construction Broadway Tower. This will increase their space strength in two fold in one go in downtown Portland.

Elemental confirmed that Amazon is leasing the space and it is just a normal part of expansion to the meet the needs of this growing company. The news comes just after four months of Amazon’s acquisition of Elemental, which is a developer of video processing technology.

Yet now the use of the space is unclear, but it is possible that the space will be used by both Elemental as well as Amazon’s staffs. After the merger Amazon is using Elemental’s headquarter for their employees.

This is clear that Amazon is expanding its presence to handle the growing demand of AWS as well as their retail demand. What ever the case it is going to be a nice place to work and will increase jobs as well.

AWS Elemental mainly serves the media companies, which are mostly outgrown their own data-center capacity or just want to stream their video from the AWS cloud. Amazon which is occupied the 62% of the total cloud market certainly needs more space to handle its operations.

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